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  Young Outdoor Singles in their 20s and 30s

Upcoming Events

UK Organisations and Activities

There are a number of groups and organisations around the country who specialise in providing activities and events for people in their 20s and 30s. These are an excellent way of meeting new people in a sociable environment.
All groups welcome new members with people joining on a regular basis. A great advantage with the national groups is that if you do have to move you can usually find a local group in your new area. In these days when many people have to re-locate with work that can make settling in and finding new friends that little bit less stressful.
Find an event near you on the events on the events page

Ramblers Association

Ramblers Association - 20s 30s Groups

The ramblers association now have a network of local 20s 30s groups that organise and take part in walks specifically for this age group. They also organise weekends away in B&Bs, youth hostels or camping.
In addition to this they organise social activities such as pub evenings, bowling and days out. Most walks also include either a pub lunch - or a visit to a pub at the end of the walk.

Spice UK

Spice was established over 20 years ago in Manchester and now has franchises in nine major cities with 15,000 members nationwide. Each franchise is run by full time Co-ordinators with many years experience in organising group adventure, social and leisure activities and the monthly programme of events is set up with the absolute beginner in mind.
As most members attend events on their own, Spice puts great emphasis on ensuring that people feel welcome and at ease when they arrive at events.

Ramblers Association

Ceroc Dancing

Modern Jive and Ceroc

Modern Jive is a form of partner dance - and tends to involve a combination of dance styles. The binding theme is Jive - combined with a combination of Latin/Salsa and Blues moves. As Jive grew up as a dance for the public it is fairly easy to pick up - and even those that have only been doing it for a few weeks can dance fairly confidently.

For an event near you go to the UK Jive web site
Also see a routine from one of the ceroc style workshops


Inter-Varsity Club (IVC)

The IVC is a network of social clubs for graduates - or those with a similar outlook on life. The groups organise and take part in student union type activities across the country. These activities are often of an active nature such as walking, cycling, water sports and dancing - but also include social events such as barbeques, pub evenings and meals.


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